From the recording The Wonder of Christmas

Orchestrated by Zach Heyde
Arranged by Aaron Stewart
Words and Music by Jeremy Rodriguez, Aaron Stewart, and Jim E. Davis


Snow is glimmering, hands are shivering
But I’m simmering inside when you’re beside me
Flakes are flurrying, shoppers scurrying
But we’re not worrying

You keep me warm through any storm
I’ll throw away my ugly Christmas sweater
‘Cause Christmas is better with you.

Families mingling, Kris is Kringling
Bells are jingling and hark I hear their chorus
Children dancing, reindeer prancing
It’s so entrancing

Like Rudolph’s nose, you make me glow
And we can find our way through any weather
‘Cause Christmas is better with you

You’re the lights on my Christmas tree
You’re the stripe on my candy cane
You’re the horse to my open sleigh
We make such a pair, it doesn’t seem fair

Wait a second, did I just call you a horse? Nay

Now I understand, it’s a wonderland
When we’re holding hands to celebrate the season
You’re the harmony to my melody
We make a symphony

I hear the choir, you light my fire
And like two turtle doves, birds of a feather
‘Cause Christmas is better with you